House Roules

§ 1
The house roules are for the whole area of the Loreley Open Air Theatre.

§ 2
The aim of this roules is to avoid endangering or injury of people, to ensure a trouble-free event and to avoid damage and pollution of the Loreley Open Air Theatre.

§ 3
Drunken persons can be banned from the venue. It is not allowed to bring alcohol. Non alcoholic drinks are allowed up to 0,5 litres/person in a terapak with a maximum capacity of 0,5 litres. Glass, PET bottles and cans are not allowed.

§ 4
It is not allowed
1. to enter the venue without a valid ticket or particular permission.
2. to take a different seat than that one shown on your ticket.
3. to rest on the stairs of the stands.
4. to stay on the seats.
5. to enter the non public area.
6. to drive the area (including the area of the Loreley Visitor Centre) with vehicles 

    without particular permission or to park outside the car park.
7. to remove buildings and other constructions or to climb them.
8. to bring dangerous or bulky things which can be used as missiles, such as

    bottles, cans, weapons or sticks with lenght more than 1,50 metres or to bring

    gas containers of any kind.
9. to bring or to use fireworks, sparklers or pyrotechnics of any kind or to make fire.
10. to bring pushchairs, bulky picnic baskets or bulky cool bags, ladders, boxes or

      chairs of any kind.
11. to throw things onto the stage or into the stands.
12. to bring confetti or paper rolls, to pollute the venue or to defecate outside the

13. to bring animals to the venue.
14. to paint, to write or to paste buildings and other constructions (including pathes).
15. to shoot the show or to make audio recordings without particular permission

     (of course you are allowed to bring a pocket camera for a snapshot of your visit).

§ 5
You have to comply with any instructions from the crew. People breaching  the house roules can be banned from the venue without compensation for the ticket.

The security is authorized to enforce the house roules and to remove people from the venue. Legal rules, especially for the protection of  and human rights and fundamental freedom and rules for the public safety and order remain unaffected.

updated in January 2010